After an incredible effort, Graphcoin Labs launches Beam – a place where the blockchain community can discover meaningful projects to learn about and participate in. Our vision for Beam has many layers and value propositions but is focused on one distinct mission: to bring cryptocurrency solutions that deliver value and facilitate value exchange for it’s members.

Just a few of the things members can participate in on Beam today –

  • Discover, rate and review projects listed on Beam. Graphcoin is the first listing, with many more coming soon.
  • Add professional experience and the desire to find opportunities to work on cryptocurrency projects. Beam will link projects together with community members that want to support them.
  • Masternode owners can register with the Innovators Club. Rankings are assigned to masternode ownership and unique digital collectibles are assigned as part of the profile.
  • Standard accounts, Innovators and Project owners can all communicate through activity news feed updates, project reviews, and private messaging.
  • An online shop has unique opportunities to purchase lottery tickets, memberships, collectibles and other blockchain project services.
  • The Beam Payment Gateway allows members to spend Graphcoin at the shop. Additional coins will be integrated into the payment gateway and online wallet.

Roadmap items include –

  • Future project listings
  • New Beam Payment Gateway integration with other coins
  • New Innovator Club rankings
  • New Shop items

Head over to and register! We’ll be doing airdrops to folks who are actively posting updates, reviewing projects and following members and projects. Let us know what you think by submitting feedback in the support contact form at the bottom of the site.


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