Ever since I first got involved in cryptocurrency, I was fascinated by the concept of financial market bubbles. Bitcoin has had the largest number of bubbles dating back to 2013.


Every bubble shares common characteristics. The various stages of a bubble create a pattern that can be seen in the charts. We’ve seen this in 1999 with the tech boom, and more frequently in cryptocurrencies.


It’s impossible to know where we are inside a speculation bubble and only in hindsight can we draw the classic bubble chart. For short-term traders, bubbles are an important concept because they represent the volatility that allows them to profit by either taking long positions or short positions inside the bubble.

But for investors that take a long-term approach understanding the fundamentals of what they’re investing in, bubbles come and go inside their portfolio.

If you look at the Graphcoin price chart, you will see a speculation bubble pattern.

But what you also see is an opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency before the next take-off phase, which is coming soon. As an investor, you have to study the fundamentals of the Graphcoin project.

Sound core technology : Graphcoin is a fork of PIVX which has proven to be a technology that can scale and serve millions of participants around the World.

Developer and core team support : Graphcoin, in it’s VERY short lifetime, has a proven track record of solid execution.

a) A successful launch of Graphcoin Classic which includes an exchange listing, marketing campaign on all major outlets, community development.
b) Ability to quickly and effectively deploy countermeasures against those who seek to attack the network.
c) A successful re-launch of a new coin, Graphcoin Core.
d) Successful execution of a coin swap via a new partnership with MYCE and continued work with our exchange Crypto-Bridge.
 The launch of another marketing campaign to grow our amazing community.
f) Passing the due diligence of our second exchange target CoinExchange.IO

Strong community : the Graphcoin community has proven it can band together to accomplish large goals. As seen in our previous post, our community pooled their coins into our shared masternode program hosted by our amazing partner The MasterNode Foundation to successfully set up 7 shared masternodes. This provided our staking community with a path to success and continued rewards. Another example is how our community is coming together to pool resources for our next exchange listing. And the list goes on. HUGE shoutout to CryptoMatrix for taking a leadership role as our Director of Community. And for c45b, Cryptocoinchris, Miu, bfrank and others for supporting him and our community. See for yourself: https://discord.gg/U8gN4BP

Whitepaper : the Graphcoin core team commissioned an academic cognitive science expert with a fin tech background to create a whitepaper that exemplifies our network’s shared beliefs through our vision, mission and value structure. When investing in a cryptocurrency, it’s critical the team can communicate their unique value proposition in an academic yet approachable way. We’ve succeeded here.

Branding : We built a fantastic website and brand for the initial launch but felt it was necessary to execute a re-branding for the new core technology launch alongside the coin swap. The new website and branding shows how we’ve matured and evolved into a true professional group who’s fully committed to the mission of Graphcoin. Innovation requires constantly evolving and adapting to the market. We refuse to rest on our laurels.

Roadmap : We’ve successfully executed against our roadmap and are AHEAD of schedule. Everything we’ve said we’d do, we’ve done. And this isn’t going to change in the future. We have an incredibly exciting project to announce that will truly drive the use of Graphcoin in a meaningful way. I suggest scooping up Graphcoin now while the price is still affordable because it won’t be for long.

Everything you see was accomplished in the last 3 months. Bubbles will come and go but it’s the fundamentals that will drive long-term value and success for the network’s participants. I invite you to participate in our network. Not for the short-term benefits but because you believe what we believe.

True fulfillment comes from the time and freedom to discover and pursue your passions.


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